Sweet Morning After

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  • : 01-23-2014 |
  • : 17:11 min |
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Starring: Beata Undine

Beata and Viola are a couple to truly passionate beings. They clearly have intense attraction to one another, and even though to their friends it may seem they don't hang out very often, nothing could be further from the truth! These two, horny ladies spend all their time together in the heated fever pitch of sensuality.

Without wasting another second Beata Undine and Viola are in the buck, displaying their petite bodies, but Viola's massive natural tits exponentially increase her value to Beata. Viola's perfect breasts are still not her most delectable quality, surely her fingering methods far outshine them. Beata and Viola are so hot for one another that they caress their soft skin and stimulate erogenous zones that the best lovers don't even know about.

Viola not only owns the best rack around, but she has a deep lust for Beata's own perfect breasts. As the heat rises they begin to writhe against each other's expert hands and a plethora of other sexy and stimulating body parts. The heat never lets up, and these two have to cool off quick, before they reach a temperature that might just even result in flames...

But then, as if the heat and fire of the night is a distant memory the two wake, naked, already sharing touch, worshiping one another's perfect bodies. The memory of their flames sends them lusting and horny toward the shower to cool off, and cleanse themselves of their residual morning. Once again, Viola takes charge, giving Beata one of her most intensely passionate shaved pussy fingerings before they revert to the bed, caressing their soft curves and perky breasts, opening their legs for one another to reach their sensitive parts. They can't take their lips off each other. Viola climbs atop Beata's warm mouth to be eaten out by her slick, strong tongue. Then, Viola lets Beata lie back and take the full length of her professional fingers. Their moans and cries together grow to the point where, if they venture further will result in massive contractions, and a mind blowing orgasm. Finally, while they continue to lust for each other's soft lips and warm mouths they finish one another, using their enlightened fingers, eventually cumming face to face, realizing their intense physical attraction with a consciousness altering moment of pure lesbian bliss.

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