Squirting Backfire

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  • : 06-28-2020 |
  • : 32:30 min |
  • : 22928
Starring: Avi Love, Kate Kennedy

Kate Kennedy and Avi Love, two girlfriends, are getting hot and heavy in bed. As they caress each other's bodies and devour each other's lips, things are just about to get steamy... until Avi makes them stop a moment.

Avi loves having sex with her girlfriend, of course, but she wants to try a little something dfferent today. Kate is a squirter, which Avi adores, but it happens so much that sometimes it can be a bit inconvenient after the fun's been had. For example, they have to wash their soaked blankets every time! So Avi suggests that they try anal sex to see if that's a little less... stimulating. Maybe it won't lead to so much squirting. Although they've never done it before, Kate is game to try!

Things get hot and heavy again as the girlfriends get back down to business. They relish each other's glorious asses, giving each other the kind of attention they've never had before. As they get riled with each passing moment, will their plan to NOT squirt succeed??

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