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Ever since their parents got married Janice and August have been having trouble connecting. It's rough just getting a brand new sister when you're a teenager. Things don't always work out how you expect. It's just typical too, Janice is the fun loving free spirit step-sister with lots of friends and parties to go to, and August, it the A type step-sister, who does her laundry and studies like a good little girl. But, August has a secret, one she's not too open about, but when Janice comes home from the party the next morning, it's clear she has something on her mind. Janice clearly looks cute, and she happened to find August in her underwear. Once August realizes that Janice might be able to teach her something for once, things are going somewhere!

Janice leans in to lay a kiss on August. One she's been wanting for a while, by the sound of her diary. Janice lifts August's shirt to reveal her perfect massive teen tits. They continue to make out, while admiring one another's perfect bodies, teasing each other with some step-sibling bickering, while Janice peels off August's panties to reveal her beautiful round ass. Janice spreads August's legs, and chows down on her sweet shaved pussy, sucking and licking with her strong tongue and lips. August's cute gentle quivering and moaning feeds Janice's hunger for Augusts wet pussy. You can see August's soft body writhing and heaving under Janice's expert tongue.

Janice takes a break to taste August's round fully developed breasts before propping August on top of her face, for a second course. As August gets close to her orgasm she wails with pleasure, enveloping Janice's satiated muffled moans. Janice's chin is painted with August's sweet nectar, and August has finally cum! Then, Janice instructs August on how to eat pussy. The honors student is a quick learner, and it's not long before Janice is moaning, and screaming with August's face buried deep between her legs. After adding a few fingers Janice is convinced that August's corruption will be the highlight of her year. But, when August focuses her energy on fingering Janice, Janice shows how submissive she can be. Getting carried away with themselves, August sends Janice moaning harder and harder until she finally makes Janice cum to the sound of heavy high pitched breathing and grunting. An orgasm fit for royals!

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