Seeking Shelter

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  • : 08-03-2018 |
  • : 40:29 min |
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With girlsway streaming on her laptop, Ashley Adams is having a blast playing with her perfect pussy. Milana Ricci knocks on her door, interrupting Ashley's solo session. When Ashley opens the door, she practically drags her into her house because she's so hot. Milana explains that her car broke down and is hoping she can help her. Ashley tells Milana that she's in luck. She actually has an account with roadside assistance and can call them for her. There's only one catch, they might take a couple of hours to come. Milana is confused...a couple of hours? It's clear that Ashley will do anything to extend Milana's visit as she tries desperately to seduce her. Milana asks her if they can slow down and take a beat as she tries to figure out if Ashley wants to help her or simply get her in bed. Ashley offers to give her a massage, after all, she's been driving all day and probably has some back pain. Milana tells her that, in fact, her back is hurting, and she could probably use a rub down as long as it's just a massage. Ashley assures her that she's aware of the rules but as soon as she gets a chance, she puts her hand on Milana's crotch. The thing is, Ashley is persistent, and Milana starts enjoying Ashley's hands all over her body. Looks like Milana got all the help she wanted and more!

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