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  • : 02-02-2014 |
  • : 19:40 min |
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Starring: Uma Zex, Iwia

Yesterday, best friends Iwia and Uma were chatting about how they have never been to each other's place. Hours upon hours have been spent hanging out together, but they've never seen each other's home. That was, as of this morning of course. Uma invited Iwia to come see hers and it just so happens that they are alone in the house, so Uma just had to show Iwia her pole. Practicing her pole dancing is a ritual Uma makes a part of every day. Uma goes to classes with her Mother once weekly for exercise. It's a common hobby of many fit women nowadays. Iwia proves to be a natural, so much that it can't be beginners luck!

Seeing Iwia slide around the pole has gotten Uma excited for more. She tears off Iwia's bra to release her cute tits. Uma takes a moment to get a better view and taste the soft nipples before taking off her own top. As the clothing flies off, Uma gets more excited and Iwia feeds off Uma's feelings and lust. Uma demands that Iwia sit down. They share a passionate kiss and before long Uma has Iwia's panties off and is admiring her succulent shaved pussy. As Uma begins to eat out Iwia, Her moans can be heard filling the entire house! Iwia's muscle contractions prove that she's enjoying every moment of Uma's warm slick tongue. The sounds crescendo to short breathing and cries of pleasure. Uma has admired Iwia's legs and pussy for months and finally the planets have aligned so that she gets the chance to have them for herself and she's not cutting any corners.

Uma thrusts her slick fingers deep inside Iwia's body. Iwia can hardly breathe, so it doesn't take much before Iwia begins to shake and contract from her core and you can tell she's in ecstasy. Uma, satisfied, continues to suck and lick Iwia's tender nipples. They make out and finally it's Uma's turn. It's been months since Uma's crush on Iwia began, so she is excited to lie back and savor Iwia's plans for her. Iwia doesn't waste any time getting Uma into position so she can get face to face with Uma's shaved peach. All Uma's hard work earlier has her primed for pleasure and Iwia's tongue doesn't need much help to get Uma off. As Iwia lingers at Uma's soft folded pussy lips Uma begins to writhe against her mouth. Inserting fingers into Uma, Iwia works up a penetration rhythm that is perfectly tailored for Uma. Uma is in pure bliss. Her crush is knuckle deep inside her and it couldn't be a better time for her orgasm. Enjoying every last second of her climax, Uma melts into her afterglow. The ladies aren't done, so they get up to rejoin the pole party.

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