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  • : 08-05-2013 |
  • : 16:03 min |
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Starring: Dila, Tiffany

Teen cheerleaders Dila and Tiffany are spending the afternoon together, they had plans to practice together, but Dila had other exercises in mind. Pushing Tiffany down onto the couch, the petite teen leans down and begins to kiss the taller girl, slowly at first, but deeper and more passionately as they go on. Dila soon has Tiffany's shirt off and is gently caressing and kissing her breasts, sucking and nibbling on her nipples as Tiffany begins to run her hands through her hair and over the slim teens body.

It's not long before Dila's desire overtakes her and she slides Tiffany out of her skirt, teasing her skinny teen girlfriend by kissing up her thighs and over her hips before beginning to lick and suck at her clit. Tiffany enjoys watching her work, seeing her eager little tongue slip in and our of her shaved pussy, and flick up over her clit as she focuses on bringing pleasure to her lesbian lover. But all this watching and not being able to play too is driving Tiffany wild and now she wants a taste.

Pulling Dila up, Tiffany has her put one foot on the arm of the chair and makes her straddle her face. Tiffany is quite a tease, she flicks her tongue around Dila's little clit, light as a feather, the look of agony and ecstasy on Dila's face is beautiful. The young lesbian couple take their time with each other, letting their lust and passions rise. The chorus of moans that fill the room begin to get louder than any cheer. Tiffany and Dila each take turns fingering their young pussies into leg shaking orgasms, they've both won each other's affection and desire, guaranteeing many more afternoon 'cheer' practices in the future.

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