Pajama Party

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  • : 01-08-2014 |
  • : 16:06 min |
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Starring: Foxy Di, Janine C, Kaitlyn

Angel can't decide what to watch on a lazy morning in early summer. She calls up her friends Kaitlyn and Janine wondering if they'd like to come over and chill with her and be lazy in their pajamas. The three of them reminisce about the last pajama party they had, and it has been way too long since then. Once the girls are over they decide on a movie. But curiosity gets the best of them and since Janine's top is a bit see through Kaitlyn touches her soft little breast through the thin fabric of her light blue shirt. Angel and Kaitlyn gang up to caress Janine, who clearly doesn't mind the groping which is evident by the fact that she lifts her shirt to help them with their invasion. Angel takes control in demanding Kaitlyn expose herself too! By now, the table has turned and now Angel is the only fully clothed one. Janine and Kaitlyn coax her to peel off her top but, they do it themselves in a playful whim because they just don't want to wait!

After a pillow fight they begin to make out with each other and undress. Janine is the first one in the buck and Angel can't resist tasting her savory peach. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn tastes Janine's warm mouth with hers. Angel is slowly licking Janine inside and out making sure not to miss a single spot! Kaitlyn begins massaging Janine's breasts. Janine re-positions herself on the outside of the three leaving Kaitlyn in the middle. Janine removes her pajama pants while Angel kisses her. Kaitlyn's innocent face warns that she may be out of her league... but, Angel (who is rubbing her own pussy) and Janine (who is now eating Kaitlyn out, and using her fingers to encourage Kaitlyn to be wetter) will show her how it's done. Angel lifts her body above Kaitlyn's face and pushes her shaved pussy down into Kaitlyn's warm mouth. Janine exchanges some of the liquid from Kaitlyn and her own mouth with her pussy, beginning to masturbate herself a bit in order to keep the sexual energy of the three at the level high they've already set. The view of Kaitlyn's pussy and Angel's behind inspires more gusto making Janine use her wet finger to rub the soft folds of Kaitlyn's pussy gently apart.

Moments later Janine is suddenly in the middle with Kaitlyn servicing her pussy while she eats out Angel's. Kaitlyn is rubbing herself as the taste of Janine drives her wild. Janine is in such a horny state that she spanks herself and Angel responds by rubs her supple tits. The lady train continues and the soft sounds of breathy moans fill the air becoming more frequent each time eventually rising to full voiced moans and heavy breaths. They reorganize thier slender bodies into a three way masturbation with Angel in the middle tending to kaitlyn on her left and Janine to her right who is rubbing Angel. Kaitlyn is rubbing Angel's breasts and all are content to have an extra hand. Janine can't resist sucking Angel's breasts. As if by an act of wind, all three are instantly propelled into a frenzy of moans and cries of pleasure writhing under each other's soft yet strong hands. You can see that they are all equally satisfied by their closed eyes and the screams of intense pleasure all three release into the fresh crisp air of the room while enduring the climax of their orgasms all together. As quick as they came they are back into the pillow fight! girls will be girls!

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