No TV For You

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  • : 04-18-2015 |
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Jenna Sativa is being lazy on the couch, flipping through the channels when her step mother Alana comes in with the groceries. She orders Jenna to get off her butt and get on her homework. Jenna says it's already done so Alana tells her to help out with other chores. They have a conversation about how school is going, and if her daughter is dating anyone, boys or girls. Jenna's somewhat embarrassed that her mom is asking her about what gender she's into ... (we know she likes girls..) Her mother states that she's been with many women before she met Jenna's dad. She feels that she has an obligation to her step daughter to show her the things she's learnt in the past. But we all know Jenna's in it for the sex.

Woman know other women's bodies a lot better than men do, Alana explains. She learnt how to please a woman through her step mom, and now its Jenna's turn to know how it really feels to be with a woman. We've seen Jenna with her step-sister, while looking through Alana Cruise's toys and with other girls online and with her new girlfriends from school, but no one is quite as prepared to give Jenna the experience the same way Alana is. As nervous as Jenna is about it, she still prefers to lie and tell Alana it is going to be her first time. Alana starts her lessons in lesbian pleasures. Jenna is more than compliant to learn.

Alana brushes her daughter's hair out of the way and leans in to make the first kiss. Alana reaches over to Jenna's neck and sucks on it. This feels so refreshing, Jenna returns the favor. Things heat up as Alana touches her step-daughters breasts, pinching and licking them. Jenna is doing a great job licking her stepmom's breasts gently with the tip of her tongue. Next step in Alana's lesson, is to sit on her face. Riding back and forth, Alana licks Jenna's beautiful pussy as her perfect round ass goes back and forth. The more her mother licks, the louder Jenna moans and orgasms. Jenna wants to please her mother just as well as her mother did. Teaching Jenna how to please her, she acknowledges all her stepmother's critiques and applies them to satisfy her perfectly. Doing everything her mother asks of her, Alana cums all over Jenna's mouth. The last lesson Alana teaches is tribbing. Jenna's secret surfaces while she tribs her stepmom, something she's known how to do for years! Alana is so impressed with Jenna, they agree to do it again! As long as her dad doesn't find out!

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