My Favorite Homework

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  • : 03-21-2015 |
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Tiff is swamped with homework. Home from school to do it all alone, and nothing seems to be very interesting. That is, except for her phone. Her friend needs to chat, and homework is in her way. When Alana comes home to her step-daughter, Tiff's almost caught. Alana, being a teacher at tiff's school, makes doubly sure that Tiff knows which answers are wrong and that her writing is just atrocious.

But Tiff is distracted regardless. Life as a teen her age has many new and exciting endeavors, but none as important as her first sexual experiences. Anatomy is an important subject, and Tiff desperately needs help. When Alana tells her she's willing to help Tiff with her anatomy, she has an idea. Since Tiff is such a hands on learner, Alana shows her that listening to her body is important. Seeing Tiff masturbate gives Alana an idea.

When Alana starts to get horny, Tiff asks her to show her how she does it. Alana shows her that wet fingers are her best friend, and soon Tiffany is sucking from the fruit of life at Alana's shaved pussy. As the afternoon presses on Tiffany gets plenty of chances to make Alana the proud stepmom Tiff's always hoped for.

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