It's Important To Stay Hydrated

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  • : 07-04-2021 |
  • : 26:37 min |
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Paige Owens stays late after her yoga class to ask the yoga teacher, Whitney Wright, for help with something. Whitney has often told her students about the importance of staying hydrated, and Paige wants to follow the teacher's good advice. However, Paige says that she has a problem which makes it difficult for her to stay hydrated. When Whitney asks what the problem is, Paige admits that it's hard to put into words, so Whitney encourages her to SHOW her the issue instead.

To Whitney's surprise, Paige gets naked and masturbates until she squirts all over her yoga mat, demonstrating that THIS is the reason she has trouble staying hydrated! Now that Whitney understands what's going on, she reassures Paige that she does the same thing too, but she considers it a gift, not a problem. In fact, it's a gift that can help Paige with staying hydrated.

To demonstrate how her 'gift' can help, Whitney strips down and kisses Paige, then masturbates until she squirts... right into Paige's mouth! Oh yes, that IS helpful! Now that Paige has the idea, they have a very refreshing sex session, squirting into each other's mouths so they can both stay hydrated. Cooperation is a beautiful thing, isn't it?