Dear Diary

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  • : 01-03-2014 |
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Jayden Woods' vivid imagination has run away with her once again! Ever since her mother helped her design her princess getaway, Jayden's dreams have been coming true. Each day she lays in her crisp white linen bed with twiggy vines and a bright window of magical sunlight to write in her diary. Jayden's diary is packed with colorful imagery, a veritable creative pot of gumbo. Never before though, has she been able to conjure up a human being like her best friend Jenna Lohan, so they could be adventurous and explore their fairytale.

Jayden's fantasy comes to life before her eyes! A curvy young babe to hold, kiss, caress and more. Jenna doesn't wait long before she dives on top of Jayden eager to taste her warm mouth. Jayden wraps her slender legs around Jenna who then tears Jayden's thin clothes off her thin body. Jayden is just as excited, and sits up to tear off Jenna's clothes. Jayden lies back to allow Jenna access to every corner of her illuminated body. Jenna doesn't take a millisecond to hesitate before diving down on Jayden's shaved pussy. Jenna's tongue piercing is in the perfect spot to tug and bump Jayden's tender parts. Jayden's fantasy is so realistic that she is already seconds from her orgasm.

Jayden turns Jenna around to get a taste of her warm pussy, using a hand and tongue together to stimulate Jenna's parts. Jenna is easily brought to the edge of orgasm enjoying every moment of Jayden's hasty work. Finally, Jenna comes from Jayden's penetration, and she falls back to let Jayden climb onto her face for a licking. After minutes in 69 Jayden is feeling overcome with pleasure, and she writhes against Jenna's tongue. Her legs and torso tremble as she finally reaches her orgasm. As she lets her head fall she's met with Jenna's pussy once more and feels the overwhelming urge to finish her off all over again. Instantly she is brought to another wild orgasm and they sit up tasting each other's perky nipples in afterglow. With a blink of her eyelids Jenna is gone, out of thin air... poof, leaving Jayden to sit back and write about her experience.

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