Coat Check

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  • : 04-03-2022 |
  • : 40:10 min |
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Madison Morgan, a guest at a wedding party, ducks into an unoccupied bedroom for a little break from all the activity. She carefully sits on the edge of the bed to rest for a moment, being mindful of other guests' coats being strewn across it.

Moments later, Whitney Wright, another party guest, also sneaks into the room for a break. Although she's a bit startled at first to see Madison there, Madison is quick to invite her in. Although they never met each other before, they both instantly bond over the fact that they don't really believe in love or marriage. Life is short, and they just want as much fun and freedom as possible! Of course, this leads to a spark between them as they share lustful, mischievous looks...

They end up getting frisky on top of the coats, lost in their own little world of passion and pleasure. When guests start knocking on the door to get their coats, Madison and Whitney have to think fast so that they won't get caught! But how are they going to explain how all the coats got wet??

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