Back On The Gay And Narrow

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  • : 02-28-2021 |
  • : 40:53 min |
  • : 15388

Karlee Grey, a lesbian, is on her way to a treatment center because she slipped up and was recently with... a man! Karlee feels terrible for this moment of weakness, but her roommate Jillian Janson assures her that sometimes relapses happen, and the treatment will help her get back on the gay and narrow.

A month later, Jillian welcomes Karlee back from treatment. Karlee seems happy and very lustful towards Jillian, saying that the treatment has cured her and she no longer has any straight urges. In fact, Karlee's recovery was so successful that she tells Jillian 'I want women... I want pussy... I want YOU.'

Jillian is overjoyed that her friend is feeling better, and they have passionate sex, kissing and tasting each other with enthusiasm. What an inspiring recovery!

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